Shell Diesel Extra

We provide Shell Diesel Extra both through our cardlock and full-serve gas bar and through deliveries to customers in the surrounding area.  This is an exciting new product   that can give you up to 3%1 fuel savings as well as reduce maintenance costs on your vehicle.

Shell Diesel Extra is a technologically advanced diesel fuel formula specially designed to help save fuel over the lifetime of your vehicle or equipment. It can help maintain engine performance and prevent fuel system corrosion, which can help you reduce your operating costs.

Shell Diesel Extra Can Help You…


Protect your equipment investment by helping to prevent corrosion in the engine and keeping it clean.


Reduce your company’s environmental impact by helping to lower equipment exhaust CO2 emissions and black smoke2.


Save fuel by up to 3%1 over the lifetime of your vehicle by helping to prevent the buildup of injector deposits.


Reduce downtime by helping to reduce maintenance frequency and improve the reliability of your equipment.


Customer Testimonials

Shell Diesel Extra is designed to help improve your vehicle’s efficiency and performance. Read about the difference that Shell Diesel Extra is making for clients on the job.


J-M Pelletier Transport Inc.
J-M Pelletier Transport Inc. chose Shell Diesel Extra, with fuel economy formula, and is reaping the benefits, according to their own observations and experience.
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Bathurst Ready Mix
Bathurst Ready Mix reported a $61,000 reduction in their repair costs in one year after switching to Shell Diesel Extra, despite adding vehicles to their fleet.
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Fleming Feed Mill
Fleming Feed Mill reported having fewer EGR valve problems and are getting better cold weather starts after switching to Shell Diesel Extra.
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1. Over the lifetime of the vehicle. Compared to regular diesel without a fuel economy formula. Savings may vary per truck/vehicle, driving conditions and driving style.

2. In heavy-duty engines up to and including Euro III. Corresponds to North American heavy duty on highway trucks prior to 2004 and off road vehicles prior to 2006.